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Teensy and APA102 on wi-fi network

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:06 am
by circular
Does anyone success to connect wi-fi network between MacBook Pro > wi-fi > router(TP-LINK 703N etc.) /or Ethernet adaptor like WIZ820io> Teensy 3.2 > APA-102 led strips?

On Madmapper official page, There is instruction how to connect Teensy3.2 directly to WS2811,2812B,APA102 etc..
It's nice way to use mad mapper's easy to handle UI, but It's USB connect!
I need non-cable connection, because of POV effects, i need send data on Wi-fi.
also Need use APA102 for It's High flash-late.

and I ask support < can i work these setting on wifi, and they told me

"Teensy will not be found if it's somewhere on the network.
What you can do is to send ArtNet from MadMapper (so it's over ethernet already),
and in the teensy arduino patch you can get the ArtNet DMX packets, and copy DMX channels in the RGB structure of FastLED.
There's an ArtNet library for arduino. You should find some examples somewhere."

I want make bit large led matrix screen like, APA102/30leds x 2M (60LEDs) vertical, and 24strips to horizontal.=1440LEDS
I already have pixlite16, It's easy to connect Artnet with APA102, but It have only 16 channel.
each cannel max 4A. so use APA102 4A = 60LEDs and, by 16ch = MAX handle is 960leds.
So for the big screen. I have to challenge to use Teensy.

I gonna try support team's comment, from now.
But I need more information.
Does anyone know or success, control APA102 led strips on mad mapper via Wi-fi connection.
Any alternative welcome!


Re: Teensy and APA102 on wi-fi network

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:23 am
by fastfourier
Get hold of an ESP8266 or NodeMCU development board and use the FastLED library - you can do it all in one module. There is a ton of Artnet receive code out there - has some good stuff.

What do you mean "POV effects"? I really would go with wired ethernet if possible. In which case, a Teensy and a ENC28J60 or something would be good.

Re: Teensy and APA102 on wi-fi network

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:14 am
by circular
Thanks for reply!

POV is like this,
rotate high speed and make persistence of vision effects.

and required fast flash rate(so need APA102), and high fps(over 30fps needed at least).
so teensy has a bit large memory on board. & can connect over thousand leds per one universe. i heard somewhere.
esp8266 have 32Mbit flash memory, 80KBRAM
and Teensy 256KB flash memory态64KB RAM
is it right? If it's so can control over thousand addressable leds by esp8266,like Teensy3.2.

and thanks for Artnet receive code link,
So, If i use mad mapper, I have to combine this artnet code ... y/branches
which include garage cube document to use FastLED. right?

adapt Artnet code to ESP8266, then madmapper can connect (find) esp8266 on wifi?
Oh i need combine Artnet and Fast LED code. ... netFastLED

I need bit more information...