Digital Led-Strips work delayed
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    Digital Led-Strips work delayed

    by noah_artista » Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:13 pm

    Hey, i´m using Madmapper in combination with Resolume Arena 4.
    For my Madlight-Setup i got 56 Led-Strips and an 8 universe DMX-Decoder, that means 7 strips with 24x2 Leds RGB digital.
    The installation was no problem and everything works great, but the problem is that the strips work some few moments past the video signal. Sometimes more sometimes less. Some LEDs save the video signal longer than others.

    Did someone know the problem and could tell me what i can do against?

    I use an Macbook Pro Early 2011 8GB RAM with the Intel Graphics 3000 HD...Maybe this is the problem?

    Sorry for my bad english. I´m from germany.

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