Projection Mapping installation, remote control via Webcam
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    Projection Mapping installation, remote control via Webcam

    by AgentD » Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:19 am


    I am wondering if anyone has done a projection mapping installation in which you manage the content remotely as well as mapping the surface via webcam. I have been asked to make a projection based installation at a store abroad. I plan to go there to install it myself but once I come back they want me to manage the content such as changing the video or possibly remap the surface in case they rearrange the surface. I checked around the possibility like Digital Signage but I feel that Mad Mapper's mapping tools are much better. If I can figure out a way to use a web cam and access the computer via internet connection theoretically I should be able to pull this off. Anyone has any experience? Please let me know. Thanks!!

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    Re: Projection Mapping installation, remote control via Webc

    by Xaver2k » Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:10 pm

    haha why not :)
    it should be possible (maybe the latency is a bit tricky but still possible) and if you have really small fixtures you can get a problem with the resolution of the webcam? i am really interested in you experiences with this kind of workingmode :mrgreen:

    For an easy start you can try Teamviewer. It is crossplatform compatible (win, mac, android, ios etc.), you have remote control and also see the webcam with Teamviewer.
    Do you need to access to Access the settings when no one is in the store? If someone is in the store maybe they can move the webcam around for you too ^^

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