edge blending discreet outputs
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    edge blending discreet outputs

    by fred_dev » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:29 pm

    I have searched the forum a few times with different terms looking for an answer so sorry if this is a duplicate. I am preping for a project that requires multiple outputs and projectors edge blended. I will use 6 outputs from a amd firepro w9100, or equivalent card. I am not sure if I will use madmapper but am investigating possibilities (also looking at a rental D3 but it is expensive). I have seen the tutorial on edge blending but it seems to be orientated around using a matrox or datapath, or some such device that provides a high resolution aggregated output (this is how I see a single output frame with multiple quads. Is it possible to use totally separate outputs to achieve the same thing? IE when I attached 3 projectors to separate outputs can I see the joined blended output a single canvas?

    Also I understand the quad method, but find it problematic, is there a way to perform the blend and pre quad warp to compensate for projector rotation and overlap at the output stage? I will have a lot of scenes and media and using the quad method as per the tutorial (http://www.madmapper.com/soft-edge-cali ... -tutorial/) means that new different media will have to be manually mapped and blended for every piece of media and scene, when in reality I need to be very agile and react to many changes in the content. The other problem this leads to is that I cannot do so much prep offline, and there is no way to show clients what the joined image will look like without projectors, this is quite problematic for me.

    If someone can point to features or tutorials for this kind of scenario (5+ discrete outputs to projectors with edgle blend and rotation offset that will allow for fast and flexible changes of media without re-mapping everything for every scene (media will come in at different sizes, ideally I want to set the blend and quad warp once (ALA watchout or D3 or Isadora) and play my media as I need to. Ideally, ALA watchout or D3 It would be smart enough to take note of the quad and blend dimensions and provide me with a single large canvas that lets me place media anywhere without needing to split it for overlaps and blend again.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: edge blending discreet outputs

    by RicarditoPiña » Mon May 08, 2017 8:41 pm

    I have exactly the same problem. When will madmapper update to blending by discrete output ?? As it does resolume arena???? Thanks a lot!!! =)
    Tengo la misma dificultad... Cuándo Madmapper se actualizará teniendo la posibilidad de poder hacer blending o soft edge por salida??? al igual como lo hace resolume!!!! Muchas Gracias......
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    Re: edge blending discreet outputs

    by mad-matt » Mon May 08, 2017 10:07 pm

    Hi !

    With with you call "the quad method", you can handle rotation or any situation, that the most versatile solution. Blending discrete output would be strange for a mapping software where you're not supposed to have projectors aligned precisely in front of a flat surface. Instead of that, MadMapper lets you do soft-edge between quad surfaces that handle perspective and mesh warping, so you can even do a soft-edge in a curve surface.

    The tutorial uses a laptop with a Matrox TripleHead2Go, but anyway in MadMapper that's like if there were 3 projectors. You can use 6 projectors on a MacPro if you want without problem.

    If you change media, you can change on all quads easiely: press Cmd + click on the media "assign" button (it assigns the media to ALL surfaces). OR: put all the quads that are soft-edged in a group, select the group, then pressing the "assign" media button will assign the media to all surfaces in this group.
    However, if you use medias with different aspect ratio, you will have to activate the option "Force Media Ratio to 1:1" in Master tab.

    Let me know if you have any issue.

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