Full Screen Mode and Basic Mapping
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    Full Screen Mode and Basic Mapping

    by theyoungwolf » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:24 pm

    Can someone explain to me (I'm new) with MadMapper, why when I go to full screen mode the image is so big and not mapped to my object.

    I would be grateful for some basic instruction on how to initially set-up projector and map. I'm missing some basic knowledge of how to initially set everything up.


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    Re: Full Screen Mode and Basic Mapping

    by mad-matt » Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:31 pm

    Hi Robert,
    First, disable "Mirroring" on Mac OSX display Preferences / Arrangement
    Here's how to set up an extended desktop:

    Connect and turn on your additional display.
    From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
    Choose Displays.
    Click the Arrangement tab.
    Make sure that the Mirror Displays checkbox isn't selected.

    Then you can and should always work in fullscreen mode.
  • theyoungwolf
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    Re: Full Screen Mode and Basic Mapping

    by theyoungwolf » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:44 am

    Hi Matt Matt,
    Thanks for responding and I'm sorry I'm not grasping this. I de-selected the mirror display but now MadMapper is only on the big screen. Very hard to work with.

    Perhaps you can clear this up for me, also does your projector need to be pointed on and only on the image you want to map.

    I thought I could take a picture from my projector vantage point, load that image and then apply the mapping to that image and then output it and it would be mapped to that image.

    What am I not understanding?

    Thanks again for any help as I am a real novice at this video mapping. Its like I'm exited and frustrated all at the same time.

  • sjkistler
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    Re: Full Screen Mode and Basic Mapping

    by sjkistler » Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:17 pm


    Are the proportions off or is the aspect ratio off?

    As an example, let's say you are mapping to an object that is 2 foot high by 3 foot wide. When you go to full screen is the problem

    (a) that what you project is 4 foot high by 6 foot wide - so it is in the right ratio, just double the size?


    (b) that what you project is say 4 foot high by 8 foot wide - so the ratio is altogether wrong (it isn't a multiple of the original)?

    I've had both happen when I first started and I'm still a beginner so take my solution with a grain of salt. But here is what I did to fix each.

    In the first instance, it was just a matter of zooming in and out on my projector to get it to the right size (or, physically moving my projector forward or backward if feasible and needed).

    In the second instance, which happened frequently when I started, I was having difficulties with the output size on the projector (find this under the projector tab in MadMapper) and the aspect ratio of the projector itself not working together correctly.

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