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MadMapper for Windows/PC/Linux?1

Postby CaseyJScalf » Wed May 17, 2017 11:14 am

It needs to be done. Your team is full of aces to get you this far and you have an industry of professionals who rely on this software and support you to the end!

Apple is losing it's grip (#DongleGate), Raspberry Pi's are $35 and approaching fast, massive projection gigs need lots of projectors, and ports, but don't have time for archaic severs, walled gardens, and unsophisticated mapping methods.

I know you could, with sincere effort, port the existing version to PC and also to Linux/RPi. The MiniMAD is just the tip of the iceberg and should be continued in earnest.

With this, you could easily keep your core competency and value to "mapping". However, when you open up more machines to play with (think larger PCs with lots of DisplayPorts or smaller systems ready to be installed permanently or constantly adapted to different projects). Maybe integrate a few sensors or communicate with other stuff.

Looking at every other piece of lighting software I still think you have a leg up and from a user experience standpoint you have done a much better job - although not perfect. Still way way better.

I hope you sincerely start working on the PC version. Just take a look at the discussion over on the Apple forums about the dongles not working and the whole USB C thing just throwing a wrench in everyone's adapter and cable work flow. This stuff is essential and means business! And honestly I do not think that Apple "gets it" anymore. ... age=0&rf=1

Thank you sincerely and with the most respect,

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Re: MadMapper for Windows/PC/Linux?1

Postby franz » Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:04 pm

looks like we heard you

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Re: MadMapper for Windows/PC/Linux?1

Postby CaseyJScalf » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:47 pm


I can't thank your team enough! I know this of course wasn't just from me (it takes so long to port a project over like this and feel good about releasing it). But... You are magicians so none the less - THANK YOU!

I really feel that this is such a smart move. We had a meeting this morning for what this will mean for installation and performance use. Being able to use multi-video card machines will be a straigtht up game changer. Goodbye Matrox dongles. Hello native x8 Display Port out. Well. I hope. That's why we test the BETAs!

The ability for Spout to be integrated from the start is also a great idea. So is keeping the UI similar. Etc.

We will be testing this one out for sure. Also excited to work with the DMX features and Art-Net features from some small embedded machines!

Thank you MadMapper!
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