Spout input not smooth
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    Spout input not smooth

    by Regeller » Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:09 pm

    I am trying out how to get my visuals made in Magic could be projected most perfectly with multilple projectors to different surfaces. So I came across MadMapper. This seems to solve all of my problems. But there is one major drawback: The visuals are not running smoothly anymore. Output of Magic to Spout is really smooth. But when I run it through MadMapper it is not any more. I understand that a problem could be a not constant framerate provided by Magic. I already asked there if they have an idea to solve this. There is a switch for vertical sync which as far as I understand should sync the output to the displays attached. But since the output is Spout I am afraid that Magic can not see any valid framerate to sync with.

    Can anybody help?
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    Re: Spout input not smooth

    by mad-matt » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:43 am

    Hi !
    We have not had this report until now. Ideally their spout output should be synched on the frequency of the projectors MadMapper sends video to. To make things simple, it's recommanded to have all screens on the same frequency, even if MadMapper handles that the screen frequency where the UI is can be lower than the output ones (it will then skip renderings on the preview windows).
    I suppose all your screens are at 60 Hz ? Then Magic should ideally run at 60 FPS. If it runs at unlimited FPS, it will consume all GPU resources and will not let enough for MadMapper to render on the outputs.
    If you use a material in MadMapper instead of the spout input, everything's ok ?

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