How to output 4 channel audio in madmapper?
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    How to output 4 channel audio in madmapper?

    by yanosch » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:50 pm


    For a project coming up quite soon we'd like to output 4 seperate audio channels.
    3 headphones with their own stories, and one speaker with general sfx.
    We can't get madmapper 3.6 to output 5.1 audio, we found a entry on a forum that
    advised to unlock that setting with a command line regedit

    But even after that madmapper still shows only 2 audio channels when I go to the settings.

    I've correctly mapped al channels with ASIO, and it works when playing back in premiere or the exported files themself.

    We have a front LR that we have splitted a c/sub and a rear l R
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    Re: How to output 4 channel audio in madmapper?

    by mad-matt » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:06 am

    As I told you on the support, the two channels you're seeing are for input. If your device appears as a 6 channels output device on Windows - depending on the driver you may have to switch to ASIO in MM preferences / audio driver type - and you play a 6 channels video files, each video file channels will be sent to each channel of the selected audio output device.

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