Hue/Tint/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast Master control on output
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    Hue/Tint/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast Master control on output

    by freadZdead » Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:01 am

    Hi all,

    Recently, I have taken to using MadMapper as an additional tool to map LED strips in formations (12x Elation Sixbar 1000s), and use it as another Lighting effect on busking concert stages. It is great fun, and while I am a semi programmer, I am not that much into GLSL, and so here my question (before I put it into a Wishlist instead):

    - Is there currently a way to add a master control (i.e. could be within Master Settings) where you could control and map the following values:
    - Master Saturation
    - Master Hue (shift and or tint)
    - Master Brightness (well, this kinda exists within the Fade to black, though I don't know if it reacts exactly in the same way or not)
    - Master Contrast

    The goal is to have master (midi) controls that allow to take any material/Generator, whether it comes with these desired controls or not, and apply this before outputting. Or can such a "filter" be somehow applied after the materials in the pipeline?

    Thank you for letting me know!


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    Re: Hue/Tint/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast Master control on output

    by mad-matt » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:43 pm

    To do it actually you can do a syphon/spout loopback and use Quad video surfaces to display your materials, choose the FX "Color Controls" to have hue/saturation/brightness/contrast, the use the projector video output as your DMX Fixtures media. Check those tutorials:

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