Triple Head w/ MM

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Triple Head w/ MM

Postby DJDrums » Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:27 am

Hey all -
Trying to figure out a step I’m missing…

my previous, and functional set up, was to use my MacPro upgraded Radeon 5760 dual output video card. One out was my traditional monitor, and the 2nd was my HDMI projector for mapping.

I want to add a 2nd projector. I got the TripleHead 2 go digital, installed it and I see the new giant resolution screen (3420x1200).

when I drag the main projector window over to projector one or two's desktop, and hit full screen, The projector window takes over my traditional monitor, instead of the projectors.

what am I missing?!


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Re: Triple Head w/ MM

Postby mad-matt » Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:57 am

You have different ways to control your 3 outputs from MadMapper. Either you create 3 different projectors in MadMapper "Manage Outputs" tab, and in "Output Destination" setting for each, you choose the 3 outputs of your TripleHead ("TripleHead2Go - Screen 1" ...) , or you create a single projector with output destination set to "TripleHead2Go".
Actually I think you have only one projector and you have not specified its destination.
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