vdmx multi layer output to madmapper qcfx
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    vdmx multi layer output to madmapper qcfx

    by destroythings » Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:14 pm

    http://destroythingsbeautiful.com/2012/ ... pper-qcfx/

    Here a updated tutorial on getting multiple layers from vdmx to madmapper. It uses a qcfx patch. The processor can take quiet a hit when using all the available layers.

    Here is a new way to get multiple individual layers from VDMX to MadMapper.

    You can grab demos of both pieces of software here. http://vidvox.net/ http://www.madmapper.com/

    This uses a custom qcfx i have created that allows for up to 9 layers to be sent to MadMapper.

    First you will need to download the vdmx_multi_to_madmapper.qtz from the downloads page


    Note there is 2 versions to download a standard 4:3 version and 16:9 version.

    First click in the help menu and select Open Assets Folder In Finder

    Navigate to the qcSources folder and copy in the vdmx_multi_to_madmapper.qtz

    Open VDMX and create 10 layers.

    In the Layer 1 Source window click use source drop down menu and select QC Source>vdmx_multi_to_madmapper.qtz

    You should now see a selection of drop down menus in the layer source window.

    Now in the workspace inspector select Layers 2-10 and click the Hide button in the Layer Composition window for each layer.

    Add your media to Layers 2-10.

    Go back to the Layer 1 Source window and use the drop down menus to select your layer.

    You should now have your 9 images positioned correctly in the main output window.

    Add a Syphon Output plugin and select Main Output.

    Open MadMapper select the VDMX Output and start making quads.

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