Madmapping at Slottsfjellfestivalen 2011, Tønsberg Norway
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    Madmapping at Slottsfjellfestivalen 2011, Tønsberg Norway

    by bazarove » Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:09 pm


    I had my very first go with mapping onto other things than miniatures and things in my room. I projected onto the dj-booth and on the big facade of the club "Kastellnatt" during this years music festival in Tønsberg, Norway.

    It was superfun to do! And thanks to madmapper I got results up and running very fast.
    I did not use it to map anything (cause I didn´t find out a way to record the output from Madmapper to a quicktime movie...) but I used the spacial scan function. And spacial scans is the bomb!! For the animations I used After Effects and Modul8.

    More on my blog for those who want to see what I did. :)

    - Bazarove

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