MadMapper+modul8 mega festival
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    MadMapper+modul8 mega festival

    by anatomico » Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:29 am

    Madmapper, Who said protection mapping only?

    One of the most common issues with vjing in a huge and large video workspace is the arrangement and optimization of the video signals output for the LED processors.

    If you use Hardware like Mac Pro maybe you can have more chance to manage the output video signals because of the multi output feature and M8. But you must map each output to fit the desired pixelspace in your software composition. Huge stages require more than an single 4:3 or 16:9 composition, sometimes you require 9:1 or some kind of custom pixelspace, mixing more than 2 video layers and some cameras, that increase the CPU and GPU usage, compromising your hardware performance.

    One great solution we experienced 2 weeks ago at Viña del Mar Festival, one of the most important music shows in Latin America, was the use of MadMapper for that. The show was in charge on MADIS (, the most experienced stage designing company in Chile, working with Visualists Anatomico and Ju Quezada (

    The festival holds more than 700 m2 of LED pannels, 8 LED Processors, 2 Hi End Catalysts systems, a Mac Pro running Modul8 and Madmapper, a incredible render farm of 6 machines rendering a Pixelspace of 9000 x 1000 realtime at 60fps rendering algorithmic visuals programed by a Bespoke software called MAMBO made by Proyecto LED from Chile. The experience with MAMBO was awesome, managing some huge Pixelspace in realtime, controlled with 2 Lemurs and 1 Lemur Ipad version.

    All this video data flow converged on a Vista System Spider, 8 by 8 SDI inputs and outputs. One of the great goals of the show was to convert the huge LED pixelspace in one single SDI video signal for all the LED Processors, reducing use of simultaneous outputs for the LED processors. It was a huge remap made by software.

    So, what means that? Maybe better telling this in images. This is the stage as looks in the festival.
    And now is the schematic view of the LED arrangement of the Backdrop, its very important to respect the space between LED modules and the gap.
    To understand the gap i have a couple of graphics.

    Without gap will show as this.

    With gap you can tell the difference, the separation between modules is respected by the software arrangement. So it look natural respecting the spaces and gaps.
    We had the change to use the software for Morrisey´s show and remap a virtual pixelspace in Modul8 Syphon output of 9000x1000 pixels and remap it to a single SDI output of Full HD with Madmapper, the technical crew was amazed of the easy of use and short time to prepare it. More than 400 polygons remapping the Syphon output. Here are some pictures:

    Luis Barrera :shock:

    Rafael Pereyra :D
    Visual Lab
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    Re: MadMapper+modul 8 mega festival

    by sigmasix » Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:27 am

    looks like you're missing some images in your post… But it seems very impressive ;)
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    Re: MadMapper+modul 8 mega festival

    by ilan » Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:52 pm

    Thanks again for sharing. BTW... it's Modul8... not modul 8. :wink:

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