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    initial wish list

    by pixelwrangler » Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:09 am

    Here's a list of a few things I'd like to see in upcoming versions. I think I've read through all the other feature requests but I am new to this forum so apologies in advance if anything's redundant.

    anyway, here it is so far;

    -copy paste any / all settings from one layer to another so if you transition from layer 1 to 2, layer 2 picks up positionally etc from where 1 left off. Transferrable between Group A and B as well. ( I understand that just selecting new media within whatever layer I'm using will do this, but i think it would be useful between layers and groups as well. )

    -turning off auto rotation resets by completing it's current direction and easing into a stopped position, rather than spinning at a different rate with a linear curve in what might be different direction to come to a full stop ( +1 vote to the previous request for smooth bezier curves to settle animation. )

    -additional layer modes, maybe multiply, divide, difference, xor, etc

    -more global Filters like Trace, that operate after Transformer ( matrix, etc ) so something like a blur happens beyond the constraints of the Patch geometry

    -ability to import geo, ( .obj files, ) to add to the Patch Transformer.

    -Fade has a global setting that applies to all media within a project (+1 vote to saveable global project settings )

    -customizable Pixel FX area where you can swap in favorite Filters, rather than fixed effects that may be rarely used ( like Noise ) but take up useable UI real estate ( +1 more customizable UI )

    I just made the switch from AVMixer Pro as features vanished along with support and I love Modul8. I've used it live several times already and get loads of compliments from the artists and the partygoers...if it's this intuitive with only an intermediate understanding, I'm excited for the possibilities as I dig deeper..



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