MIDI mapping - more, please!
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    MIDI mapping - more, please!

    by Uncle GroOve » Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:14 am

    Hi everybody - first post, longtime lurker, etc...

    Been demoing the application with lovely results. I'm from the music scene and am looking to integrate M8 in my setup in order to add some spice to music vids.
    My portable setup is Macbook Pro 13" running a number of music/MIDI apps: Numerology (http://www.five12.com), Max (driven by Monome interfaces), Logic Pro 9.0, Noatikl (http://www.intermorphic.com), etc.

    Considering just *how much* M8 is being used in the music world I think that the current midi implementation is a little too rudimental. In my experience when I send the MIDi message I can only assign it to one target at a time (is this a limitation of the demo, BTW?).
    While I certainly do not pretend that a video company installs sophisticated LFO's (low Frequency Oscillators) to modulate the various parameters, I think that providing a bigger MIDI palette of modulation sources and targets - with single CCs / notes / PCs assignable to multiple targets at once - would be a great step forward.

    For an idea on a brilliant implementation of a MID modulationI matrix, have a look at a synth called Zebra 2 (manual is here:http://www.u-he.com/downloads/manuals/Zebra2-user-guides.zip).... powerful stuff


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    Re: MIDI mapping - more, please!

    by pele2010 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:51 am

    (is this a limitation of the demo, BTW?)

    The limits are :
    — You cannot access the online module library.
    — You cannot save a project.
    — There is a watermark in the output.

    that´s it:

    as far as i have understood the process you need to write a module to do what you are thinking of.

    the other thing is to divide and conquer: there are several midi apps that interact with module.

    look at this

    https://www.ableton.com/de/shop/?gclid= ... oCam7w_wcB

    hope this helps you.
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