Option for Imported Clips (ram preload/direct from disk)
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    Option for Imported Clips (ram preload/direct from disk)

    by broken » Wed Apr 30, 2014 6:51 am

    Would love a dropdown menu in preferences to choose which method to use when importing clips.

    ie: RAM Preload, RAM Preload Uncompressed, Direct from Disk

    Having built a fresh system to rock modul8 I'm getting much better performance loading clips "Direct from Disk" using a SSD than the default "RAM Preload Uncompressed"

    Clicking on each clips info and changing this option on a 'per-clip' basis is really tedious, especially if I'm not using the same clips saved in my set each time. 8 slots of 16 clips can be a lot to change.

    I tried looking up how to make a module that would do this, but that control doesn't have any options available in the module editor to make this happen myself :(

    EDIT: Thanks for the tip from user gmint you can bypass loading clips to memory:

    All you need to do is to set the following preferences and you'll get direct from disk every time:

    "When imported, a media is stored in memory when its size is less than:" 0 MB
    "When opening a new project, maximum preload memory size:" 0 MB

    Voila, everything is direct from disk!

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