"Find" the Module´s ? Search Help
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    "Find" the Module´s ? Search Help

    by pele2010 » Wed Dec 24, 2014 12:49 pm


    wenn there are many modules open i find it hard to find the one that i am searching. i tend to forget where i put them while i am creating things.

    and if they are collapsed it´s even more difficult to find them.

    so i thought if the selectect top bar of the module would change color if selected it would be easier to identify the module.

    usually my statagy is to go to the modules menu and select the module.

    how are you dealing with this?

    are you making workspaces for special module setups ?

    my wish would be a "find" or selection help for modules. We have now 800 of them and i doubt that it will be less in the future.

    anybody out there that thinks this is a good one?
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