invert layer alpha ?
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    invert layer alpha ?

    by pele2010 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:08 pm

    Hi ,

    dear all,

    it seems like an easy task, but i just can't find how to do it...

    how can i use a image (i.e. square) as a "keyhole" mask, so that the image below the shape is seen just where the square is? and the rest is masked and invisible?

    of course i can create black PNGs with a hole. but on resizing and rotation the border will show and i whould need huuuuge images to aviod that.

    so i would like to have the option to "invert" the alpha on a PNG. can this be done??

    thanks a lot!
    by member brain

    i am referring to this post from 2010.

    Can someone answer to this question. It would be helpful for so many tasks.

    Can this be done ?

    I checked the free frames but with the set I have , I can´t find any way to invert the Alpha of a layer ....

    And could it be done as "transfer mode" ?

    This would be greate.


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