"paint" and logical render and logical record
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    "paint" and logical render and logical record

    by pele2010 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:33 pm


    I am playing a lot with the paint module and it would be great to have 2 things.

    1. pls let us record the paint sessions (I know that this works with syphon, but it´s not quite the same)

    2. It would be great if Wochenende could see the layer below the painted canvas ( example: if I import a picture in
    modul8 and i could paint over it, so I can see live , what I am doing)

    3. If I drwa a rectangle and I like to erase a part of it, this get´s only updated when the draw is finished.
    I can only guess what I am doing....

    4. Frame Rectangle isn´t influenced by the "size" I like to draw it. I can only draw one "size" of a rectangle Frame or
    Oval ... no matter how much I increase or decrease the size of my pen. This isn´t quite intuitive? Or does this
    have a special meaning?

    I would appreciate it, if the dev team could give us a hint, if this all is to complicated.

    thanks a lot


    How are you painting in Modul8? And how do you overpaint an layer?
    I know I can do this in AE, but I like to do it instant and live. That´s why I like this app.

    all the best!

    and kind regards ...

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