internal feedback filter
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    internal feedback filter

    by pele2010 » Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:34 pm


    I would love to habe 2 more filter in the pixel fx section:

    1. feedback funktion
    if you hit this button you get graphic card accelerated feedback.
    and we could adjust the way this works, like :
    rotation of the feedback , speed , x , y smear .

    2. kaleidoskop pixel fx
    internal kaleidoskop.
    with this function without accessing it over the filters we would have a lot
    of fun. As we could animate it over the layer recording .

    And I would merge the Saturation / Lightness / Contrast
    into one section. As we have more resolution in the future graphic cards.
    And as this functions work good together and do more than a color grading.

    what do you think ?

    kind regards peter
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