Letter to Santa - My Wish List
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    Letter to Santa - My Wish List

    by Jasper.LIVE » Thu Mar 28, 2024 1:39 pm

    My little wishlist for new features/upgrade existing. Probably Part 1 :)

    0. Documentation - would be great for more documentation (MadLight Player for example) and all available on site/"searchable" in google/In App
    For example, Right now "Knowledge Base.pdf" is only in app..

    1. Interface - Advanced UI edit
    - Undock panels. It wold be great if we could Undock panels and create more customized Interface for better workflow (something like in Tool Panels).
    For example when using multiple screens i wish to have separated project Tabs for fixtures, surfaces and modules on half of left screen and Media list next to it.
    - Individual inspectors - during live i need sometimes to change parameters of specific Media. Right now everytime i play media from media list or Cue List, this Media is selected and i have to select again media that i want "always on top". I wish to have On top, detached, individual inspectors for medias i need
    - Tool Panels > Cue list - individual undocked panels for Cue Banks. Preparing workflow little more similar to grandmalike i wish to have on one screen 2 and more tool panel > cue list - each with other bank, in case
    Bank 1 = Cues that store only Colors for fixtures/groups
    Bank 2 = Cues that store media parameters (repeats of lines, rotation etc with media previev as Thumbnail)
    Bank 3 = Cues that store Pan/Tilt value for movers (photo from USB CAM how it look in real life)
    In this case I have instant easy acces to all objects at once (via tabs), most needed medias on top on one screen, Cue ""Matrix"" with all cues I use in all banks on second screen and whole screen for Output preview etc"

    2. Edit existing/New features
    - Folders for Modules - while using lot of Oscilators/Control combiners/Cue schedulers right now its a mess :(
    - Control Surface module - add option to assign module to bank (feature links with another from UI edit). Right now it work with selected bank in Tool panel so i'm not able to use 2 Akais, eash assigned to other bank
    - Control surface module or MIDI settings - option to set/route MIDI channel for device. Right now each device send MIDI signals with default midi channel (usually 1). While using APC40mk2 + mini mk2, when i Map MIDI control to parameter (Note for example) it is triggered from both controllers. Right now i have to use MadRouter to reroute device from Channel 1 to other
    - MadLight Recorder and MadLightPlayer - all we know that work with movers only via MM is quite pain.. I've used Cue Scheduler with positions stored in cues and play with time between cues.
    Right now using Ableton with CC automations send to MM and mapped to Pan/Tilt which is much better.
    I digged documentation and saw info about "DMX Player module" (old one i think, link in .pdf not work) and there is a sentence "add a sequence from the DMX Recorder to scene or Cue" - though that this would be a soultion but in fact its unuasble for this right now. Wish to add/edit couple things:
    * Loop duration in Beats - as i got BPM from ShowKontrol and work with loops (quantized to metronome via ableton - launch Cues with media/looops triggered from ableton) DMX sequence should stay in Beats and every change of BPM should warp sequence to stay in exact lenght
    * Edit Sequence - feature to disable/erase Channel values from sequence
    * Sequence Player (in MadLight Player and as sequence in Cue) - "Play only enabled channels" and "Disable exclusive control on disabled channels" (or add Blend options). So this 2 thing in additon with 2 previous would be almost perfect solution. Right now i can only Send DMX data only from Sequence or using medias/materials and fixtures. I wish to storage in sequence only loops for Pan/Tilt in Beats + be able to control all other functions via MIDI, oscilators etc. Work with movers would be much easier - just record loops for all movers from lightning desk/midi/manual etc and use in Cue"

    3. Timeline/Metronome/Quantization/Beat
    - any new info about Timeline? :(
    - Metronome with phrase. I think tight now MM has only "Beat" and "Beat position" which i dont know how to use (no documentation?). Metronome with simple 4 beat phrase would be first step to better sync - not only to tempo - and tool for quantization. Add controls while mapping like "Upbeat" to trigger on "one" of each phrase, "Downbeat" as half of phrase, "Offbeat" as in exact half of each beat etc.
    Upbeat could be synced via Link (protocol send this data) or set manually (via Reset button)
    - Quantization - combine with metronome would be milestone even without timeline. As we know actual position in phrase (4 beat loop for example) i wish to have bool "Quantize" parameter on Cue, Scene, Media, Material etc. and "Q time" with values like Upbeat, Beat, 1/2 Beat, 1/4 beat etc.
    Cue with Quantize ON and Q Time "Upbeat" should start synced right in start of phrase, even if i hit Cue 3 beats earlier (like in Ableton)."

    4. MadLaser - connection with Laser via FB4 without Beyond.
    - As with new Unity/Kvant lasers in most models ILDA input is not available (Unity only in "RAW DMX + ILDA" series, KVANT only ILDA IN in Clubmax 3 and 6) im not sure how to Connect for example new Unity Elite 5 PRO FB4. As i'm mac user there is no solution for me to use Beyond and looks like little discrimination (from Pangolin) ;)
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    Re: Letter to Santa - My Wish List

    by mw/mf0 » Thu Apr 11, 2024 10:31 am

    Re Madlaser:

    I would love to see the Laser connection via FB4 without Beyond too. It's expensive, not resourceful and kind of pointless having to go through Beyond.

    And I would wish having the FX (aka SurfaceLaserLineFX) available for all kinds of outputs, like if playing a Lottie animation or if using a Lasermaterial (on quad) or after the live tracer. In all cases there is vector material, which the laser follows. Transforming it via FX would add a lot of possibilities!

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    Re: Letter to Santa - My Wish List

    by Jasper.LIVE » Thu Jul 04, 2024 6:33 pm

    Any News?

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