Extra "Export to MiniMad" feature + Import to MiniMad
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    Extra "Export to MiniMad" feature + Import to MiniMad

    by b.demaertelaere » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:52 am

    I've got about 5 MiniMads which go around on jobs all the time.
    Everytime new content needs to be uploaded, I either have to have the MiniMad and SD card next to me to upload everything, or need to physically prepare an SD card and ship that to site.

    It would be handy if I could do an export to Minimad, which saves all relevant files and settings to a ZIPfile instead of onto the SD card.
    Upload that ZIP file to a transfer site.
    On the other end my colleague only needs to do the following:
    - Insert the MiniMad SD card into his computer
    - Download the ZIP file
    - Launch a simple "Import to MiniMad" software tool, locate the ZIP file and press Upload.

    Within a couple of minutes he's got the new content, cues and settings and off he goes, wherever in the world he may be.
    No need to ship MiniMads and/or SD cards back and forth around the globe.

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