3.5 Cue Preview
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    3.5 Cue Preview

    by bLackburst » Mon May 28, 2018 4:50 pm

    The 3.5 cue feature is boss, much needed, thanks. But it would be better if there was a preview.
    The way that there is surface input and output options in the viewer, it would be invaluable to somehow add an option for previewing cues.
    -Blindly selecting and recalling cues without confirmation is dangerous(despite cue naming because cues can be duplicated, changed etc)
    -To be able to capitalise on the cue editor while online, for example view properties of cue that you want to duplicate as a starting point for another cue
    The challenges:
    -Previewing cues online would consume show system resources ie. playing the surface media, recalling geometry etc
    -The Input/Output/Both radio buttons for the viewer are a delightfully simple paradigm that shouldn't be compromised without considerable benefit
    -Previewing transitions

    -Have ability to show wireframe previews for geometry/fixture previews without rendering contents, maybe even with media names etc in place of showing media
    -Have an obvious PREVIEW/PVW button at the top of the cue bank switch the viewer config to show preview on top and output on bottom, toggles back when cue bank is hidden or clicked away from.

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