Video as mask input (key/ fill Quad)
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    Video as mask input (key/ fill Quad)

    by yirehmail » Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:52 am

    I am trying to achieve something like this:


    To my knowledge So far Madmapper can only mask shapes, but is not able to use a video as mask input.
    It would be so awesome if Madmapper could use Video as mask input as well!

    I have tried using ISFs as alternative solution, but somehow got stuck, maybe someone has an idea how to solve this. Following is my attempt:

    My Sources/movies/ISfs :

    NDI Lyrics input: Black background, white Lyric text sent from another computer


    Background Video: Original Background Video


    ISF invert color: Same as Background Video, but inverted color using ISF.


    ISF Mask: Using NDI Lyrics input to mask ISF invert color


    My Quads (from top to bottom):
    1.ISF Mask
    2.Background Video

    The Result:

    The ISF Mask leaves the masked area black instead of transparent.

    I tried to use Chroma Key from the FX menu to key out the black part, however that resulted in not only the masked area got Keyed, but also the blacks in the lyric were keyed out.


    Although I can still try to play with the Center& Width parameters, it's not the the exact result I want.
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    Re: Video as mask input (key/ fill Quad)

    by franz » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:03 pm

    yes you can.
    check this thread:

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