UDP (OSCish) control
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    UDP (OSCish) control

    by bLackburst » Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:07 pm

    OSC is often not supported at professional level equipment. They support sending UDP/TCP strings only.
    I've had no success filling this gap manually in order to integrate MM into a pro environment without middleware.

    I've learnt that the udp string "/medias/Clouds/assign\00\001" sent from one source triggers the "Clouds"media, but the same udp string sent from other sources("packetSender" for example) doesn't, EM too. Perhaps there are header differences etc I don't know. I do understand that null chars are application and OS dependent but this is beginning to be a rather cryptic, frustrating thing.

    Perhaps GarageCube could provide an example UDP string or two that works with MM so we can integrate it in the ways we need. Like the way lighting console fixture profiles for MM are valued, I suggest that other integration techniques into video systems are validated and published.

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