Update Interface control list and DMX
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    Update Interface control list and DMX

    by Blackstar » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:48 pm

    Hi , it's possible to update interface control list ?

    An interface like a binder to set the DMX / OSC, etc.
    The problem with the current version of the interface is readability and organization.

    As an example, I'm currently working on GrandMA2 to control each MadMapper parameter.
    On the GrandMA2 it goes pretty fast, I create myself a fixture with the control of the different parameters for each surface, group and screen.
    On MadMapper, I created a basic show, with a sufficient surface and group number to not have to add. I have not yet patch the DMX but I already know that it will be very long and illegible if I have a problem somewhere.

    Would not you be able to make a new version of the interface, more readable and better organized?

    And is it possible to create an exportable and importable file of these parameters, in xml for example? But that will only be possible if the current interface changes it, I suppose.

    Is it possible to update the DMX by integrating natively the multiple DMX universe without having to add it via an addon?

    If you want to talk about it I am available.

    Thanks you ! :D
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    Re: Update Interface control list and DMX

    by franz » Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:52 am

    we indeed plan to rewamp the control list at some point.
    we're open for any suggestions.

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