Mapping to select "handles" of a Quad (or layer)
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    Mapping to select "handles" of a Quad (or layer)

    by VJ Hieros Gamos » Fri Mar 27, 2020 3:26 pm

    I'm working for a dance company, who have a specific scenography. I've made the show the simpliest way possible to get the maximum performance. So I've got 45 minutes with music/picture during a show who is about one hour.

    This way, I minimize technical problems BUT I'm still really nervous because if there's something wrong with my computer, all the show is stopped. So I prefer let the main window (input/output...) "closed" (= not shown) to get the maximum performance. But sometimes the mapping on two Kaolin tissus is not perfect.

    Believe it or not - just for this show - I'm allways afraid of reopening the main window (in case it will crush... Don't ask me why).

    So I'm looking for a Keyboard Mapping just to select handles 0/1/2/3 of a Quad, to make mapping perfect again with cursors without opening the Main Window.

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