Snap to lines, to streamline virtual staging & working with 3D objects
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    Snap to lines, to streamline virtual staging & working with 3D objects

    by jasonbeyers » Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:19 am

    It would be great if the "Snap to objects" feature worked for line surface endpoints/vertices, like it does for quad endpoints. Since some projects may have tons of lines, perhaps this line-snapping could be an optional menu item that users can turn on, when appropriate.

    Also nice to have, but less important than line endpoints: optional snapping along the edges of lines and surfaces (boundaries), and for intersections of these edges, like in Fusion 360 and other CAD tools.

    Since snapping does not currently work for lines, I've needed to create "stencils" made out of quads or triangles with zero opacity, to form a structure. I then build surfaces (and lines) around that stencil.

    I've recently needed to construct these kinds of stencils based on 3D objects that I had built in Fusion 360. Doing proper UV mapping within MM has been cumbersome due to the complexity of the 3D objects involved (20+ faces), and while 3D surfaces have a "Create lines from 3D object" option, I still can't quickly create individual surfaces corresponding to 3D objects I import since there is no line snapping. If line snapping was enabled, I could essentially build 3D stencils and use Madmapper as a proper virtual staging tool. Learning Unreal Engine has been a bit daunting for virtual staging and I'd love to do virtual staging within MM instead.

    The flexibility of rotatable and scalable 3D objects within MM, combined with the existing "Create lines" and line snapping, would greatly streamline this workflow. You could import a 3D model of a DJ booth and attach surfaces to the faces (via snapping) to keep the panels independent from eachother. And if the "virtual stage" needs to be moved or rotated, it would be easy to re-align the surfaces to match the new position of the 3D "stencil".

    Or, is there some other way to snap surfaces to the corners of a 3D model within MM?

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    Re: Snap to lines, to streamline virtual staging & working with 3D objects

    by franz » Wed Oct 14, 2020 2:45 pm


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