MTC Timecode playback
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    MTC Timecode playback

    by jjrr1280 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:57 am

    It will be really and advantage to be able to run videos in mad mapper being sync with timecode so that in a big setup "mapping" multiple machines can use. example of setup ( sound engineer playing music & MTC > Light engineer getting timecode for his lightings> Video engineer rig of 10 projectors run on 2 Mac Pro or more sync and pilote by MTC , once the music is played everything is in sync )
    i'm little bit afraid that everything is not really sync so an TC offset option can be added. an example can be found in Arkaos Grand Vj.
    Being able to sync multiple machines can really be an advantage for mad mapper making the software a leader in the sector.

    Im open to any kind of system to be able to sync multiple Macs & Madmapper for big rigs like watchout do with a master machine and the unlimited slaves that do the playbacks.


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