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Can't play .qtz files(Quartz Composer files) on Modul8 2.9.2 (Mac OS 10.13.4)

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:57 pm
Does anyone have information about modul8 ver2.9.2,
Quartz Composer, and Mac OS 10.13(High Sierra)?

My situation is like this:
My rap top has broken (MacBook Pro 15-inch Mid 2012 / OS10.10),
then I bought new one. (MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch Mid 2015 / OS10.13.4 pre-installed).
I didn't use Migration Assistant tool.(it means I didn't copy any data or settings from old machine)
I downloaded the latest ver. of Modul8 from website(my space page), and installed it.

Finally I found big problem...
I couldn't put Quartz Composer files into Modul8.
I installed X code(the latest ver.) and Quartz Composer.
But still Modul8 doesn't recognize .qtz files...
I asked Modul8 support team about this problem, of course.
But unfortunately, their answer was not effective...

I can play .qtz files on Quartz Composer application, Quick Time Player, and CoGe(VJ software).
But only Modul8 can't play it.
I have used .qtz files on Modul8 2.9.2 before.
The only one difference is Mac OS ver.
Before, my Mac OS was 10.10...

What should I do for this problem?
It's very serious problem for me...
Please help me...