Enhancements for Drum Machine?
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    Enhancements for Drum Machine?

    by chromafresh » Thu May 31, 2007 10:40 am

    OK its been suggested that Modul8 with its 4X4 Media Bank can be mapped easily to a drum machine, and yes, mapping is not a problem.
    I was seriously thinking about ways to work more sound interaction into our set and asked around to a mutual user friend who tried modul8 with a drum machine before and this is what he said the problems were:

    01) clips always play to the end, regardless of how fast one actually punches buttons
    02) only one note at a time
    03) there is a distinct time lag

    I'm not sure about his set-up, but I seem to remember they were having some problems and installed midi components right before the performance, and the mac was an older powerbook so the time lag may just have been mediocre CPU performance, or perhaps not loading the clips properly.

    But even 1 and 2 are pretty significant issues.

    Does anyone have any tips for using M8 more effectively with a drum machine?
    Would 1 and 2 ever be potentially solvable? Boris? Boris???? :shock:
    Please and thank you. :D

    PS - We had a lovely performance in Dubai recently. Really fantastic event and fine crowd. Even got a fine little plug in Dubai Time Out!
    http://dubai.timeout.com/dubai/features ... hp?id=1218
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    by Akira » Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:49 pm

    I've got an Akai MPD-24 so I can voice my views.

    Regarding the time lag, it could be possible. Inoticed with video-only clips, and it gets worse with videos with audio.

    The other things can be changed if you use contextual MIDI mapping and if you map to the MEDIA KEYBOARD odule instead of the traditional media panel ;)

    try it and see how you do!


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