l-filter module and midi sequencing
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    l-filter module and midi sequencing

    by treas » Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:33 pm

    i have problems with the l-filter module while sequencing it with ableton-live:
    layer1 (m8) has 1 filter (crop), the filter gets CC from ableton (CH1/CC1).
    when layer1 is selectedt in m8, all is fine.
    when i select another layer in m8, layer1 (or better: the fiter module) looses the input.
    if i assign the same filter (crop) to the other layer, it gets the information i assigned to layer1 before.
    it seems, that the l-filter module is always in focus mode (it makes no difference if i select focus
    or position in the main module)
    that´s horrible, any suggestions?

    i´m using m8 2.5.5beta

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