miniMAD + MIDI
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    miniMAD + MIDI

    by therealmusician » Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:12 pm

    I currently use MadMapper, and control it from my DAW (Reason) using an external MIDI instrument --> MadMapper Driver. I use MIDI CC Key presses that I've mapped in madmapper to trigger certain sequences for my DMX LED strip group.

    One problem I have is that playing music from my computer, and then also running MadMapper on my computer creates more chances for a show to get messed up and for things to crash. I've done a few gigs where all my lights just turned off, for example.

    I don't have a miniMAD but I'm considering purchasing one if it would be a could solution to introduce stability into what I'm doing.

    Can miniMAD replace my current setup?
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    Re: miniMAD + MIDI

    by Pierre Guilluy » Mon Jan 04, 2021 3:20 pm

    MiniMad support Midi using the microModul8 USB controller for now.

    However, OSC is the way to remote-control a MiniMad.

    Check your DAW is actually capable of sending OSC, and that the MiniMad provides the features you're interested in.

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