miniMAD Light, DMX control, LED's and Audio?
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    miniMAD Light, DMX control, LED's and Audio?

    by ProjectileObjects » Sat May 26, 2018 7:54 pm

    The new miniMAD Light feature is an awesome addition and has me wondering two things. 1. Can the miniMAD playback audio and/or video, in sync with the DMX lighting playback? I could see this powering a standalone light installation in sync with the audio. 2. The miniMAD can send DMX out over RJ45, but can it also receive DMX commands? A new OSC feature has been implemented for remote control, but could the player be turned on or off via DMX commands? A lot of theaters use QLab for show control and triggering, it can work with, MIDI, OSC, & DMX. It would be great if Qlab or Madmapper could trigger the miniMAD's remotely. I've been experimenting with the new Cue-based layout, but it will be hard to get theaters to replace the "Qlab standard." Please advise, great work as always.
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    Re: miniMAD Light, DMX control, LED's and Audio?

    by Pierre Guilluy » Tue May 29, 2018 12:13 pm


    We're thinking about a solution to synchronize miniMAD Light & Video, but we didn't a satisfying solution yet.

    miniMAD Light can output DMX but can be controlled using OSC only so far.

    Since QLab can send OSC, it's able to control the miniMAD isn't it?

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