Node MCU. 2812b led strip, wireless control via minimad
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    Node MCU. 2812b led strip, wireless control via minimad

    by pikepike » Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:13 am


    So i managed to make a setup hardware and software wise to manage 2812b led strips via wifi arnet with madmapper. the next ideal setup will be to record the cues in madmapper and export them to miniMAD. the question that i have is that will minimad allow me to connect it to the wifi that handles all the traffic. or am i stuck with madmapper running on a licensed computer.

    Im doing some tests to see if it works.

    if anyone is interested ill post a more detailed and explanatory video to expand on how i didit and the actual software and setup of this thing.



    Example videos of the setup working ... 8.mp4?dl=0 ... 0.mp4?dl=0

    This videos show the actual working setup.
    i have two boxes with 8 node MCUs each. Controling 16 led strips of 2.5 meters and each strip has a universe and a ip address that you can talk to. i have a 70 amp power source that is more that enough power to drive 16 strips. i've found out that at 100% luminosity the negative lead tends to heat up quite a bit. will have to fix that in the next iteration .

    With the current setup that i have i can connect 32 led strips in 4 boxes (if i connect my laptop to the router via ethernet) that control 32 strips.The actual limitation comes from the wifi router that i use. i've found that there are wifis that allow up to 256 ips.
    if i use the ethernet cable i can connect to the 32 strips(node MCUs). And actually found that the lag reduces a bit for being connected to the actual router.

    I've been testing this setup for a couple of months now, and for two or three boxes it works pretty fine. no lag no weird stuff. sometimes when i've been running the setup for a day or so it gets a bit chunkier. lags a bit and the response its not the same. i have to improve on the actual software of the node mcu. to see if that improves the actual speed of the whole system.

    these are some images of one of the boxes. ... 23nya?dl=0

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