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artnet recording

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:42 am
by giorgio
how does it work?

I've got my artnet input set to loopback, and another app set to play artnet output to the loopback port on my mac. I've got the other app sending artnet on universe 6, and madmapper listening to universe 6 as input. I've got the artnet output in madmapper set to unicast, and to universe 0.

If i send artnet to the network card from my other app instead of to the loopback port, i can see that artnet output on another computer. if I play a sequence from the madlight recorder that I captured from video input, that data is going out as well.

seems like I'm not able to record anything from the external input in the madlight recorder. I have no fixtures setup in madmapper, just trying to record some artnet data to loop from the minimad. minimad also does not seem to have the data on it if I try to export.

Am I doing this wrong? Does this feature work? I may write a processing patch to convert the data to video pixels in the meantime cause I know that will work :)


Re: artnet recording

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:44 am
by Pierre Guilluy
If MadMapper isn't sending any DMX (it has no active fixture), MadLight Recorder should record what's coming in its DMX Input interface as selected in the Preferences --> DMX Input.

By the way, coming MadMapper 4 will make that feature a lot clearer.