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Long movies/large files for the miniMAD..?

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:23 am
by three5eric

I am trying to setup a miniMAD installation with a series of long movies with large files sizes. The client is super concerned about the quality, and I am setting the CRF very close to lossless. However, I am running into a size limit on the miniMAD's SD card and a lot of the movies are not being encoded to the SD card. I have switched from a 16GB card to a 64GB one and run into the same issue.

Is there a size limit on the miniMADs disk image? ...or any way to increase it to match the SD card? When I get info on the SD card, it says I have a 12.13GB capacity, but 22.53 GB available.

My client needs these movies in the highest quality possible. All together I have 15 movie files in in ProRes that are 230GB in total.

I can easily get a 256GB microSD card, but my test with the 64GB card shows that there seems to be a size limit with the disk image. Or am I doing something wrong?

Please help! This client is breathing down my neck..!!

Thanks, Eric

Re: Long movies/large files for the miniMAD..?

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:35 am
by Pierre Guilluy
For technical reasons, the size of one movie file is currently limited to 4GB.

For the same technical reasons, we provide miniMAD images for 8 & 16GB SD-cards that were historically bundled with the miniMAD, instead of an universal image that would resize to fit any SD-card size.

You can always experiment with tools like parted/gparted on any GNU/Linux distribution to move and resize the original partitions to maximize the MINIMAD partition space, and in worst case scenario you can just flash the original image and try again.