Minimad sync and soft-edge
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    Minimad sync and soft-edge

    by Fabioquiet » Thu Jul 16, 2020 3:27 pm

    Hi everyone
    I have some questions about minimad and syncing:

    1) I read in the instructions that minimad is not recommended for soft-edge installations, but does this mean that the gradient of the softedge are not exported? or is it simply not recommended for a lack of perfect synchronization but there is still the possibility to export gradient?

    2) Therefore the use of the minimad is more recommended for video wall installations, like this one by Pierre Guilluy:
    The sync I see here is apparently perfect on 28 screens. Can sync get worse over time? The possible delay mentioned in the manual is about 1 frame. is this roughly correct, or does it depend on the quality of the ethernet network installed? Because I am planning an installation with 33 projectors, but having slow movements, so a 2-3 frames of delay is acceptable. Could the delay be longer on 33 minimad?

    3) is mesh warping exported? exactly how do i see it in MM will i also see it on the export for minimad?

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    Re: Minimad sync and soft-edge

    by Benoit » Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:15 pm

    The MiniMad doesn't do soft-edge / edge blending but it can play many video outputs in sync
    If you need soft-edge, you'd better use a computer with MadMapper and several video outputs
    Soft-edge requires MadMapper and a computer with all the video-outputs running from the same graphics-adapter (GPU) to unsure perfect-synchronization

    Regarding the MiniMad synchronization mechanism, each MiniMad is constantly broadcasting data to the others through the network switch, so the latency is the same in between every MiniMad
    Since the MiniMad video-outputs cannot be synchronized electronically, there's no way to ensure a perfect synchronization, hence the possible (and maximum) one-frame-delay
    That's why we don't advice the MiniMad usage for soft-edge blending between signals coming from several synchronized MiniMad, because it's precisely the situations in which you could witness the lack of synchronization between the video-signals
    However, this is absolutely invisible to the eye in cases where the screens / projections are not edge-to-edge (cf. Pierre's installation)
    If you need a absolute perfect synchronization between several projections, you should better use a computer with MadMapper and several video-outputs

    Last, mesh warping is supported, more infos here : ... NUEL_3.pdf
    Benoit * garageCube team

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