Spacing in the text module ?

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Spacing in the text module ?

Postby pele2010 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:45 pm


to all typography lover´s I am a bit desperate!

How can I change the spacing in the "text module" and could this be animated?

And if there isn´t a way to do this:

Is there a CI filter plug in for this?
Or any other way to achieve this, without rendering it in AE or Motion (or whatever NLE)

It´s something that I am asking myself a lot.

I had a look at the code of the Text module but I could not figure out where to start.

So if someone has a solution on this I would be glad if he share some of his or her
blistering knowledge ....

kind regards Peter

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Re: Spacing in the text module ?

Postby sigmasix » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:14 pm

an other app and syphoner?! do you need your text to be changed dynamically?
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Re: Spacing in the text module ?

Postby pele2010 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:32 pm

Hey Sigmasix,

yes you can do this with other apps ans syphoner is great, but:

Text at least for me is an elementary function to communicate with other people.
And I love to do this interactively. And yes you can achieve all this with other apps
from outside, but why? (maybe some quartz composer compositions too)

the module is untouched since 10 years.

And take the basic modules like "paint" and "filter" ,
they all have the ability to be animated and to be used interactively.

And there is one last thing: If you run out of Ideas or If you have to react to something
you didn't plan, then you can easy react with text. And if implemented in the app,
then it´s much easier to achieve the goal.

And spacing would be something we could start?

So question: Am I the only one that would love to have a better internal realtime
text engine!

And text is not only text as you know.

kind regards Peter
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Re: Spacing in the text module ?

Postby Mark Sign » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:23 pm

Peter, you are absolutely right concerning the text engine.
It doesn´t deserve the name. EVERY application on the mac,
and I mean every, since 30 years, is capable of doing more than that.
just one line, one font, the font in one endless list hard to pick,
as you said no spacing or any other style. and also antialiasing
looks most of the time, well, extremely poor.
so, I´m kind of shocked, like you – and helpless.
I though version 3 will fix it – quite the opposite.
if you add more text, it changes the size of the font to fit everything in.
arghh :-(
Mark Sign
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