minimad for permanent installation questions
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    minimad for permanent installation questions

    by klif » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:17 am


    I'm considering getting minimad players for few permanent museum installations. I recently had not-so-good experience with some other commercial Rasperry based media players, so I want to ask few questions before I start spending money.

    Setup is not complicated - I need synced playback on 2 players, connected to projectors with short HDMI cables, triggered by keyboard/HID device - I know minimad does this, and I don't expect any issues with this basic functionality.

    My concern is with the situation when one of the players has problems connecting via HDMI (to projector).
    What happens in that scenario?
    Do they loose sync and readjust with time (totally acceptable to me)?
    Do they restart from the beginning (totally unnaceptable to me)?
    Do they need to be restarted (also unnaceptable)?
    Can I force HDMI out via Raspberry config file? (this is what I usually do when I use simple loop players)

    P.S. installations will be in other cities and there won't be any qualified personell to troubleshoot - this is why I ask such a specific question.

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