Assigning NULL media no longer possible?
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    Assigning NULL media no longer possible?

    by ghostofelvis100 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:27 pm

    Hiya, a bit of a random request...

    I've noticed a new behavior with beta 180329:

    - When creating a new layer it has no media assigned (null media).

    - If I assign a media (say the Testcard - ID:1025) a Testcard is correctly loaded on the layer.

    - Previously if I set a ctrl_layer_media value of anything above 1036, the previous media would be removed and I'd have a Null media state again.

    I can assign an ID of an empty media slot to achieve the same result, but this takes up a media slot, whereas it didn't before.

    I get the reasoning - as this is actually an invalid request. But the null media state is actually useful in terms of reducing processor load and blacking out a layer. It's actually something I used heavily.

    Is there a specific value I can use to target the Null media? When I do a getValues the Null reads as 9999, but I cannot assign this.

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