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Version 3.1 Beta 2

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 10:58 am
by Pierre Guilluy
Dear modul8 beta-testers,

Here’s the second beta version of Modul8 3.1 that introduces proper support for HAPQ Alpha codec through FFmpeg.

modul8 3.1 Beta 2 build 181115_FE3EAFA49B (expiration date December, 15th 2018) - this version requires macOS 10.9.5+


- Added hardware-decoding support for HAP files, including HAPQ and HAPQ Alpha dramatically improving playback performance (FFmpeg)


- Improved playback performance for ProRes formats (AVFoundation)
- Improved playback performance for H265/HEVC formats (AVFoundation)


- Fixed problems switching between AVFoundation & FFmpeg players
- Fixed movie playback trigger using AVFoundation
- Fixed Logical Record rendering freezing the application
- Fixed audio playing when disabled in the preferences
- Fixed keyboard mapping not handling shift modifier

The Beta build is available on

Enjoy modul8!

The garageCube team