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Beta 3 released!
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    Beta 3 released!

    by boris » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:05 pm

    Hi there !

    Thanks again for your feedbacks,
    The GarageCube and Modul8 Team is delighted to announce the Third Beta version of modul8 HD.

    This Public Beta version is available from today for any users who own a serial which is compatible with modul8 2.9.xx
    To download it : use the modul8 yourspace page :

    You've been waiting for a long time: Modul8 now supports animated GIF, GIF GIF Hooray!

    Enjoy !

    Release Notes :

    Version v3 BETA 3 build !!!!!! (expiration date October, 31 2016)
    Modul8HD supports macOS 10.12 Sierra
    Minimum OS requirements to run Modul8HD macOS 10.9

    + Support for animated GIFs
    + Possibility to activate/deactivated retina support on outputs for better performances

    * Fixed HAP Alpha and HAP support
    * Fixed Autoscale
    * Fixed Transformer modes UI
    * Fixed Transformer modes mapping
    * Fixed layers midi / keyboard mapping UI
    * The 4 new Testcards and Solid White visuals now appear as special medias in the inspector
    * Fixed flash on media triggering
    * Fixed audio/video synchronization
    * Fixed movie looping and scrubbing

    * Improved overal performance
    * Improved media trigger responsiveness
    Boris * garageCube team
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