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Re: High CPU

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:15 pm
by broken
Pierre Guilluy wrote:Modul8 is a 32bit application because it's built on top of a core macOS framework (Carbon) that weren't ported to 64bit, explaining the 4GB RAM limit.

That being said, the application shouldn't crash under any circumstance.

I guess the problem comes from the dynamic loading/unloading function that's linked to the memory preference you're mentioning, and I'll take a look at that algorithm in order to make sure it works properly.

Ahh okay, I thought Modul8 HD got the 64bit upgrade like Madmapper 2.0 did, that certainly explains that bit of confusion on my part :)

I've had Modul8 crash very little since I started using it, which is why I was quite surprised when I saw CPU usage hitting numbers I've never seen in years of experimenting with Modul8 and HD clips.

If you need any more logs or anything from me to nail down the loading/unloading function please don't hesitate to ask. Quite happy to provide anything I can to help make things rock solid :)

Re: High CPU

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:04 pm
by Pierre Guilluy
Version 3 is a lot faster than version 2 regarding media-playback partially because it's highly multi-threaded, which can explains the high values of CPU you can experience, which isn't the real problem.

According to my tests, version 3 currently consumes like 3 times more memory than version 2, which also explains that the memory limit of the 32-bit application is far more rapidly reached.

Here are two real situations:

1. you use the all 10 layers, each one playing a big video: there should be a mechanism that prevents the application from crashing because the movie players have filled the whole allowed memory (4GB)

2. you're only using one layer at a time but you load tens or hundreds of video files in your current patch: the application should properly used the memory percentage preference to make sure unused video files get unloaded from memory

Is your situation more like 1 or like 2?

Re: High CPU

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:43 am
by broken
Thanks for the reply and info Pierre!

Yeah, usually my i7 can handle things just fine - when I started this thread even reaching 80% across all cores the video clips still played back fine. It wasn't until the later betas that I noticed playback suffering around 50-60% usage which I'm guessing may be due to the multi-threading work done on version 3 and after.

In terms of situations, I'm likely a bit in the middle unfortunately.

I'll often use between 4-8 layers with a couple blended with ADD, mostly 1920x1080 content.

My output resolution is 5760x1080 so I've got canvas that's 2 sections of 1920x1080 which I mix the first 4 layers in. The 3rd section is split into 4 720p clips for leds or low-res content.

modul8.jpg (24.08 KiB) Viewed 7845 times

But with those 4 layers I do most of my mixing in, I often pull from upwards of 80+ clips since I've got a RAID SSD setup which can handle the rapid fire bandwidth needs.

So often I might have 4 1080p videos playing back at the same time, triggering from a bank of 80+ clips, blending layers.

Re: High CPU

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:19 pm
by Pierre Guilluy
Modul8 v3 beta 7 is now available on YourSpace and the main thing is Modul8 is now a 64bit application!

64bit mainly means the 4GB RAM limitation is gone and you can load and play a lot more high-definition movie files at the same time without risking to saturate the memory and eventually crash.

During my tests I could fill the all ten layers with 4k movies and consume up to 17GB RAM ;-)

Switching to 64bit doesn't change the CPU usage though, especially using FFmpeg player, but the result is often far more responsive than using AVFoundation player or Modul8 v2's Quicktime.

If you're using H264 you can always switch the player to AVFoundation which will hardware-decode the file using the dedicated chip in the GPU - up to a certain limit - requiring less CPU.

Using AVFoundation player, you'll notice the files are then actually decoded using a separate process which should be sum up to Modul8's binary CPU usage to evaluate the overall processing of the application.

Re: High CPU

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:20 pm
by broken
Wow! that's a huge update Pierre!

Since changing my options to not use ram or preload anything I haven't had any issues with high cpu, or crashes, but there's the odd issue with looping HAP files I'm curious if the extra usable ram might remedy.

Appreciate all the hard work going into this v3 release! :)

Re: High CPU

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:24 am
by .alisa01
broken wrote:Finally crashed again after about an hour of running..

thank so much