Recording Layer Actions
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    Recording Layer Actions

    by pele2010 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:08 pm

    Hey ,

    this is more like a whish but it also is a question on how we can do things in
    So sorry for not posting it in the "wish" list:

    I was testing the record a session function and as I was playing around
    at some point I thought:
    Ahhhh, would be great if I could record a layer action while I record the complete
    action of everything.

    So I started playing around and I found that if you are in play-mode of the recorded Session,
    then you can’t record or ad a recorded layer action. They get overwritten as every time the complete
    session (md8) player starts from the beginning and erases the potential recorded layer action.

    To me this seams not be a pity . Maybe I don´t get the point, but why can´t we
    keep on recording and adding layer actions while we are replaying the playback.

    this would be great, because like Ilan pointed out in his very good manual , we could make our live show better
    by practicing and adding new things to older shows. (if we like)

    By the way: If we would have access to this recorded data in some way it would be a giant leap.
    If we could delete false or unwanted actions by identifying them in some kind of script, that would be enormous.
    Think of the possibilities.
    We would have the ability of live action, with a further control.

    I have seen a demo of the new processing and you can see live if you change something in
    the script , the action changes.

    Could this be implemented in modul8?

    kind regards Peter
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