Beta 6 bugs & suggestions
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    Beta 6 bugs & suggestions

    by morph » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:46 am

    Hi M8 dev team.

    Submitting some bugs from v6 & suggestions for v7.

    *Still getting HD HAP clips stuttering on loop
    *Some clips when set to Ping pong loop a couple of times and then just stop
    *Live text turns into a solid block when using Premul, SCR or EXC blend modes.

    Some observations/suggested improvements:

    *When using the (CI) Kaleidoscope filter I can't seem to (using midi or the UI) get the angle of reflection to be exactly 90 (or 270) to do a vertical mirror, is there something about the increments that it moves at that stops it from being exactly 90 (or 270) degrees reflection?

    *The auto scale function seems to scale the layer using audio input by reducing the size of the layer and then ADDING the value up to the size the layer is scaled to without the effect. Surely this would work better if the value for the size of the layer was ADDED to the non reduced size. eg. if there is no audio the layer is its default scale and gets bigger on the beat. At the moment if you have a full screen loop and you wish to pulse with the beat you have to set the size in the effect and then also scale up the layer to compensate in the Transform section so the smallest the layer gets it is still filling the entire frame. This seems counter intuitive.

    *The variable sliders in the filter effects settings could use some rescaling. EG. using (CI) Hue as an example when selecting Angle and then Animate, the default setting is an already rather fast colour cycle and thats only about 1/10th of the bar, making the other 9/10ths of the slider pretty much useless. I'd like to suggest that the bar variable be made smaller to alow finer control so instead of the scale of the parameter being say 0x speed -100x speed with 10 being the default how about shifting that to say 0x speed - 10x speed with a default of 1. Similar to how the Transform sliders have a multiplier.


    *Midi control of both Media set selection now that we have 8 media sets moving between them easily is essential
    *Midi control of Preview panel selection (Grid, layer, group inv, etc)

    Finally could I get a hi from a developer when someone has read this, my other posts re bugs & suggestions seem to be getting views but no response from developers.

    Thanks and I can't wait for the new improved M8 v3

    PS would love to hear from any other M8 users still getting loop stuttering and/or pingpong issues.

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