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MadMapper 2.5 RC1 Released
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    MadMapper 2.5 RC1 Released

    by garageRoot » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:39 am

    MadMapper Beta has come to Release Candidate Version 1
    This version is available to any MadMapper 2.x registered users and can be downloaded from the madmapper yourspace page

    Expiration date november, 13 2016


    + Advanced settings in export to MiniMad
    + New materials: removed first drafts and added useful and powerful materials
    + Indicate direction of Mad Line and DMX Fixture Lines with a small triangle in the handle
    + Mad Lines:
    Added a checkbox to active/deactivate a animation slot
    Added an option to distribute the media UVs on the whole textured line container
    + Added file menu entry to import Image Folder (folder selection dialog)
    + Added context menu on multi-selection of surfaces (in previews): Align / Distribute / Rescale All:
    - Align (top,center,bottom / left,center,right): align all surface positions to the one that was right clicked
    - Distribute (horizontally / vertically): distribute selected surfaces in the area delimited by the left/top-most and the right-bottom-most surfaces
    - Recale All: rescale all surfaces to the size of the one that was right clicked
    + Added “File / Import Fixtures…” option to load textures from an SVG file (loads SVG lines, for more info, visit MM blog) improving workflow & allowing pixel perfect mapping


    + Many optimizations, especially when using hundreds of DMX fixtures
    + When exporting Mad Lines to SVG (File / Export Output), export a single line (not the rectangle) so you can rework your shapes in AI or other app


    - Fixed issue with Canon EDSDK
    - Fixed replacing an ImageFolder media path
    - Various bug fixes
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