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MadMapper 4 Beta 6 available

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:48 pm
by Benoit
Dear mappers,

The latest Beta for MadMapper v4 is now available on yourspace with new miniMAD Light features as well as optimizations for Windows. More details below,

MadMapper 4 Beta 6 release notes

+ miniMAD Light: Added on-screen-display information
+ miniMAD Light: Added playback mode control using UP button & P key
+ On Windows, associate projector with projector (or screen) serial number (avoid swapping outputs after reboot in some situations)
+ Added “Perspective” checkbox & reset button on Surface Groups (Alt+drag for "shadow group")

* Improved video-input devices support on Windows (MJPG pixel format + H264 stream support)
* Lines and Mask Surfaces bounding rect properly fits surface handles (not squares anymore)
* Optimization when working with hundreds of surfaces / fixtures (editing, executing scenes/cues etc.)

- Fixed possible issue changing camera video format after disconnecting it on Windows
- Fixed "TouchPad" mode on Windows (using touch pass to scroll horizontally /vertically with two finger & Ctrl+scroll to zoom in/out)
- Fixed DMX universe monitor channel numbering


Feel free to share any feedback,

Enjoy this new beta :)

the MADTeam.