MadMapper Beta 11 available!
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    MadMapper Beta 11 available!

    by Benoit » Fri May 29, 2020 3:35 pm

    Dear Mappers,

    MadMapper 4 Beta 11 is now available!

    It brings nice additions for 3d surfaces, a texturing mode for line surfaces, the new MadNoise material and several new MiniMad features:

    the OSC control feedback, the TouchOSC templates, refreshed MiniMad OSC commands and the MiniMad Controller module : you can now control your units directly from MadMapper! Enjoy!

    If you're aware of any issue or if you have any feedback to share, you can use the feedback tool inside MadMapper or create a post on the forum. Thank you again!

    This Beta 11 will expire the 12nd of July and is free for v3 owners

    (minimum System requirements to run MadMapper 4.0: macOS 10.9 or later / Windows (64bit) 8.1 or later)

    MM 4.0.0 Beta 11 Release Notes

    + Added miniMAD Controller module: control your miniMADs (Video & Light) from MadMapper. MadMapper will discover it if you connect them to the network. You can choose the miniMAD to control from the miniMAD Controller module. Then you can use Cues in MadMapper to schedule or automate your miniMAD (using Cue Scheduler module)
    + Added miniMAD OSC control feedback
    + Created two new miniMAD TouchOSC templates with feedback (cf. Yourspace)
    + Homogenized and refreshed miniMAD OSC commands (cf. miniMAD 4.0 user-guide)
    + Surface 3D: added Texturing Mode, if your 3D OBJ file has no UVs, you can use Triplanar, Planar or Spherical UV mapping !
    + Lines surface: added "Media Line Vertical Split" texturing mode
    + New Material MadNoise and improvements in some others
    + Added buttons to set movie loop In or Out frame from current playback cursor position
    + Added workspace reveal in file-browser in preferences

    * Oscillators: each module appears as one device & added a "MadMapper" category in Controls dialog
    * UI improvement: groups of parameters in medias and surface FX can be collapsed
    * OSC: store OSC sources IP / port to send feedback on the right port automatically
    * Updated default Materials, added MadNoise and improved Line Patterns and some others
    * Improved Chroma Key FX
    * When moving a surface handle with SHIFT key pressed, handle vertical / horizontal or diagonal (new) constraints
    * Added front & back color to Text Generator
    * Improved media and library thumbnail quality
    * Spinbox values are now controllable by clicking and dragging the mouse vertically on the right side of the widgets

    - Fixed possible issue with bezier patches after reordering surfaces
    - Fixed possible issues with DMX fixture sliders depending when using some characters in the name
    - Fixed a possible movie looping issue with some files
    - Fixed a bug in MadLight Recorde where play, previous & next buttons were disabled at startup
    - Fixed material thumbnail aspect-ratio when updated from the preview


    Feel free to share any feedback on the Beta section of the forum, also on,


    the MADTeam.
    Benoit * garageCube team

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