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MadMapper 4 Beta 12 available!
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    MadMapper 4 Beta 12 available!

    by Benoit » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:15 pm

    Dear Mappers,

    MadMapper 4 Beta 12 is now available! bringing new features and fixes - more details below

    If you're aware of any issue or if you have any feedback to share, you can use the feedback tool inside MadMapper or create a post on the forum. Thank you again!

    This Beta 12 will expire the 9th of August and is free for v3 owners

    (minimum System requirements to run MadMapper 4.0: macOS 10.9 or later / Windows (64bit) 8.1 or later)

    MM 4.0.0 Beta 12 Release Notes

    + Added master video color & master DMX color
    + Added Engine Freeze / Freeze Video Outputs / Freeze DMX Output
    + miniMAD Video: added Sync Group settings
    + Added Output Cursor size in Master settings

    * Improved Calendar Scheduler module
    * MM Installer now installs Bonjour on Windows (for OSC discovery)

    - Fixed bugs in Calendar Scheduler module
    - Fixed bugs in miniMAD Controller module
    - Fixed a crash when loading RAW RGBA Y inverted movies
    - Fixed possible audio issue with some OGG files
    - Fixed Global BPM when using MIDI Clock
    - miniMAD Video: Fixed restart image display with "play once and blackout" mode with OSC

    -> https://madmapper.com/yourspace/

    Feel free to share any feedback on the Beta section of the forum, also on userfeedback@garagecube.com,


    the MADTeam.
    Benoit * garageCube team
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